Using the Right Toothbrush in Franklin


At McKay’s Mill Dental in Franklin, we always encourage our patients to brush their teeth twice a day for optimal oral health. We also educate our patients on what they should look for in a toothbrush to ensure the best clean possible.

The toothbrush aisle can be an intimidating place. With so many choices, so many colors, and so many brands, we want to make the ins-and-outs of choosing the right toothbrush a bit more simple.

Size & Shape

When visiting your pharmacy or supermarket, start by looking at the size and shape. Your toothbrush should fit comfortably in your hand and feel as natural as holding a pen, and the length of the handle should be long enough to easily reach your back teeth, but not so long that it feels uncomfortable. The size of the head is also important to note. It should be of a size that you can easily fit into your mouth and reach your back teeth with ease and comfort.


Angled bristles, straight bristles, hard ones and soft, which is the right kind to use? Actually, the design of the bristles doesn’t matter as much as using the proper brushing technique, so choose a style that’s most comfortable for you. On the other hand, knowing the difference between hard and soft bristles is important. Hard bristles can cause damage to the teeth surfaces and irritation to the gums. When you’re faced with the decision between hard and soft bristles, soft is usually the safest choice.

Manual vs. Powered

According to theAmerican Dental Association, both manual and powered toothbrushes are effective at cleaning your teeth, and the decision between the two is personal preference. Children may find that a powered toothbrush is more fun to use and thus will brush longer, and people who have difficulty using a manual toothbrush may find success with a powered one.
The important thing to remember, whether you decide on a manual or powered toothbrush, is to make sure your choice is comfortable and easy to use and that you use it twice a day. Keeping up with regularly scheduled dental professional cleanings at the McKay’s Mill Dental dental office in Franklin is also key to maintaining optimal oral health. If you’re due for a checkup or dental cleaning, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.