Crowns / Bridges

If a tooth is damaged to the point that over half the tooth will be filling material, the tooth may require a crown to reliably restore its function. The purpose of a crown is to cover what is left of the tooth, protecting it from further damage. Sometimes, teeth with small fillings, or no fillings at all will develop fractures that cause sensitivity to biting or cold. In order to keep the fractures from getting deeper a crown may be necessary in these cases as well. Crowns are almost always required on teeth that have had root canals as well. When a root canal is performed on a tooth, the nerve and blood vessels are removed from the tooth and the tooth becomes brittle and more susceptible to fracture.

A bridge is a tooth replacement that joins several crowns together to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge may consist of anywhere from 2 to 6 teeth and can be created to look very realistic. It is cemented in place.

The life expectancy of a crown or bridge is dependent upon many factors including how much of the tooth was damaged and how well you take care of it. Dr. Avrit will warranty all of his crowns for 3 years if you return for all of your 6-month cleanings so he can monitor for potential problems.


Before bridge






before dental bridge picture


After bridge






after dental bridge picture

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