Sedation Dentistry

If anxiety or fear keeps you from getting the dental work you need, you are not alone. More than 10% of Americans avoid needed dental treatment due to anxiety or fear about the procedure. However, there is no longer any need to postpone attending to your dental health due to negative or past experiences. At McKay’s Mill Dental, we offer three levels of sedation dentistry. So whether you need a lot of work done, just want to take the edge off, or do not want to remember that you even went to the dentist, sedation dentistry is for you.
Sedation dentistry can vary from breathing in nitrous oxide (minimal sedation) to taking a pill before your appointment (moderate sedation) to intravenous (IV) delivery of sedation medications (maximum sedation).
While sedation dentistry is a rising trend, not all Nashville dentists offer IV sedation. IV sedation is very different from the oral sedation you may hear about from other dentists. While we do offer oral sedation in our office, IV sedation is a much deeper state of relaxation, and it is the only way to completely eliminate memory of the procedure. Furthermore, IV sedation is much safer because we have a greater control over the sedation itself. Dr. Avrit has extensive training in sedation dentistry, having completed a one-year residency program. Many of today’s dentists complete a weekend course. Rest assured, at our office you are in the most capable hands.