Mouth Guards

At McKay’s Mill Dental, your dentist in Franklin, it’s our mission to make sure teeth stay healthy and strong. We provide custom dental devices, such as mouthguards, to help prevent injury to the teeth and lips.

The number of sports-related concussions sustained every year is rising. The University of Pittsburgh Department of Neurological Surgery states that in the United States alone 300,000 sports-related concussions occur annually, and the likelihood of suffering a concussion while playing a contact sport is estimated to be as high as 19% per year of play. Although studies have not statistically proven that mouthguards can help prevent concussions, there are many theories that support their use. If nothing else, a custom fitted mouthguard can help protect against tooth damage and lip damage while playing sports.

Not only for athletics, mouthguards also prevent injury to the teeth in case of clenching or grinding at night. A custom-fitted mouthguard reduces wear and tear and absorbs the stress that may also lead to headaches, tooth sensitivity, and loose teeth.

If you or your children are active in vigorous sports, or you think you may be clenching or grinding at night, call our dental office in Franklin for an assessment. We want your teeth to be healthy and strong for a lifetime!



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