Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentist Offers Teeth Whitening in Brentwood

Teeth whitening is a fantastic way to improve your smile, and at McKay’s Mill Dental, we want everyone to have that boost in confidence that a whiter, brighter smile brings.

In our Brentwood dental office, Dr. Matt Avrit offers two levels of tooth whitening. The first level is a set of custom trays with bleaching material that you can use at home. This first level is very reasonably priced and works very well for most patients.

For more deeply stained teeth, or for patients wanting the maximum level of whiteness, a different method is used. This second level is called Kor Whitening, which was ranked by a respected dental products journal as the most effective, reliable way to whiten your teeth permanently. Click here to read more about Kor Whitening.

This is after KOR Whitening – his middle two teeth are crowns and matched his other teeth before whitening:

after KOR whitening

If you’re thinking about brightening your smile, call your dentist in Brentwood, McKay’s Mill Dental, for a consultation.