Refresh a Dull, Stained Smile with Teeth Whitening

Even the healthiest smile can become dull and faded over time. If you want to remove tooth stains and brighten your smile, professional teeth whitening is for you!

Presenting a polished, put-together appearance is more important than ever. We've all seen how our faces and smiles become the focus on social media, Zoom calls, and teleconferences with business associates. Positive first impressions are often built on a bright, beautiful smile, and teeth whitening can help you attain them.

Why Our Teeth Get Stained and Discolored

Even in your 20s, you may start to notice that your smile is getting a little dull. That’s because, as we age, microscopic holes open up in our teeth and collect food debris and stains.

  • Eating and drinking dark-colored foods like red wine, coffee, dark tea, tomato sauce, and many others deposit stains on your teeth and contribute to a faded smile.
  • Poor oral hygiene that leaves a buildup of plaque and tartar also dulls your teeth and gives them a yellowish appearance.
  • Some drugs are also known to cause tooth discoloration, including antihistamines, the antibiotic tetracycline, and high blood pressure medications.  
  • Smoking and tobacco use are the worst culprits because they deposit brown stains that are extremely difficult to remove.

Fortunately, professional teeth whitening at our Franklin dental office removes most of this staining and leaves you with a fresh, bright smile.

Teeth Whitening Options to Fit Your Needs

At McKay’s Mill Dental, we offer both in-office tooth bleaching and customized take-home kits. Which we recommend depends on your timeline and how quickly you want to see results.

If you have an event coming up like a wedding, reunion, or business presentation and want to see immediate results, in-office whitening can brighten your smile in about an hour.

If you’re not in a hurry or want more control over the process, our customized take-home whitening kits are a great choice. With custom whitening trays made using impressions of your teeth and a potent prescription whitening gel, you can see results in as little as two weeks with daily use.

Getting Ready for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is perfectly safe when done by a hygienist or cosmetic dentist. However, it’s essential to address problems like gum disease and cavities before professional teeth whitening.

Teeth with cavities can become severely irritated after whitening, so it's best to treat them first. Also, placing restorations like resin fillings before whitening allows us to adjust the shade for even, consistent results.

We also need to treat gum disease before we whiten your teeth. Your gums are already irritated and painful, and whitening them can make them worse.

These issues don’t mean that you can’t whiten your teeth professionally; it just means that our dentist needs to address them beforehand.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning to Get Started

We always recommend teeth cleaning before whitening. This step removes plaque and tartar from your teeth that could lead to inconsistent results. At that time, we can also determine if there are underlying issues like cavities and gum disease that we need to take care of.

Take the first step on your journey to a bright, beautiful smile by calling our Franklin, TN dental office to schedule an appointment.